Well hi there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ashley Nicholson, just a Florida girl living in a Carolina world. I’m 27 years old, and married to my goofy best friend Kris. I’m excited to share all things recipes, lifestyle, and of course shopping the best deals with you.

Nothing gets me more excited than a good sale. I mean there’s nothing like shopping and looking good without breaking the bank, am I right?? Aside from shopping, I love to cook and find new recipes. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease, which means no gluten. Not gonna lie, your girl was not about it. I love food, and it seemed like everything had gluten in it. But with trail and error…and lots of help and patience from my hubby, I have found some pretty darn good substitutes for my gluten filled favorites….EVEN CROQUETAS, because a Cuban girl needs her croquetas!!!

So pour yourself a glass of wine, a Mojito, or un cafecito and lets hang!